MTP MPO 12 & 24 Fiber LGX Modules

An ideal and affordable space-saving solution to support the growing cabling demands of high-capacity enterprise data center network applications. From the high-density LC port packaging to the simple, easy-to-install design features, the MTP®/MPO LGX® module and rack panel offers a complete end-to-end high-performance cabling solution that meets Industry Standard 40 & 100 Gigabit transmission speed requirements. Montclair offers a whole MTP®/MPO end-to-end solution from the Active optics to the LGX modules, fiber cable assemblies, and backbone (trunk and fanout) cables. Offered in an LGX® footprint for ultra-high density modular applications. View Specifications

Part No. N/A
  • Factory-terminated and 100% certified and tested
  • High-density LGX modular design
  • Quality, high-performance components
  • Up to 24 LC & 12 SC adapter ports
MTP / MPO Insertion loss dB

0.25 Singlemode, 0.20 Multimode OM3 & OM4

MTP / MPO Return loss dB

Singlemode 50 UPC, Singlemode 60 APC, Multimode 20

Singlemode Connector Insertion loss dB

Typical 0.15, Maximum 0.20

Singlemode Connector Return loss dB

50 UPC, 60 APC

Multimode Connector Insertion loss dB

Typical 0.10, Maximum 0.20

Multimode Connector Return loss dB


Fiber mode

OM3 Multimode, OM4 Multimode, Singlemode

Fiber count

12, 24

Fanout adapter type (front of module)


MTP Adapter type (rear of module)

UPC Male (pins), UPC Female (no pins), 2x 12 UPC Male (pins), 2x 12 UPC Female (no pins)