WDM 1310/1490/1550 Filter

Supports voice, data, and video services. The WDM passive components, based on thin film filter technology, combine all network services/signals over a single fiber. Low insertion loss and high isolation between channels ensures reliable network performance.
WDMs are offered in our standard LGX® single wide module including up to (3) WDMs in (1) LGX® single wide module for high-density use. WDMs can also be ordered in ruggedized cassette, rack-mount 1RU, and steel mini tube type housings with standard and custom configurations upon request. View Specifications

Part No. N/A
  • Excellent environmental & mechanical stability
  • High isolation
  • Low insertion loss & PDL
  • Premium grade components & connectivity
Operating wavelength nm

1260 ~ 1360: 1310 band, 1480 ~ 1500: 1490 band, 1550 ~ 1560: 1550 band

Insertion loss dB

1.5: 1310/1490nm, 1.8: 1550nm

Isolation dB

≥15@1550 ~ 1560: 1310/1490nm, ≥30@1310 + 1490: 1550nm

Wavelength thermal stability nm/°C max.

≤ 0.002

Return loss dB minimum

≥ 50

Directivity dB minimum

≥ 50

PDL dB maximum

≤ 0.15

PMD ps maximum

≤ 0.15

Power handling mW minimum

≤ 300

Operating / Storage Temp. °C

-40 to +85

Fiber type

Singlemode Bend insensitive G657A

Housing Type

LGX, Ruggedized Cassette, Rack-mount 1RU, Steel Mini Tube

Adapter / Connector type


Number of WDMs in housing | Steel Mini Tube only available with 1 WDM

1, 2, 3

Fiber Diameter Size for Steel Mini Tube Only

250um, 900um, N/A

Fiber Length for Steel Mini Tube Only

0.5mtr, 1mtr, 1.5meter, 2mtr, N/A